ADI directory How to submit your details and link


To submit your details and get your important link back from UK Driving school Directory, go to the SUBMISSION PAGE and select advert type (either regular or featured link).

Simply enter your details, you may ignore the reciprocal link part if opting for a 'regular' or 'featured' listing. You will then be taken to a secure Paypal payment area. You do not need to be a Paypal member to pay, and can use most credit and debit cards. We are Paypal Verified for even further peace of mind. You will be contacted by email when your details and link are 'live' on!


If you are opting for a free link submission, you (or your web designer) will need to place a reciprocal link back to This link should be placed on your homepage, or on a 'links' or similar page directly accessible from your homepage.

When submitting your link information you will be given a line of html code.
The code will look like this -

<a href=""> UK Driving Schools</a>

Place this code into a prominent position on your website, and it will create a text link. You, or your web designer, will need to enter the URL (full address including http://) of your page where the link is. This will need to be set up FIRST, as when you submit your details, your reciprocal link page URL will be checked, to make sure it contains the correct text. Be sure to leave the link in place on your webpage, else your link on will automatically become 'no follow'.

If you have any problem submitting your site, please contact us. Very rarely we experience problems verifying reciprocal links on sites built with content management systems.

If you would rather have a stylish 'button badge' link, as above, simply substitute the text in the code above "UK Driving Schools Web Directory" for <img src="" height="20" width="125" border="0" alt="UK Driving Schools Web Directory">

You will not need to save or store the button image on your site, but your site may need to be 'online' in order to view it.

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